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5 Tips for Reducing Negativity in Your Startup

Nothing is worse than working for or with someone whose energy is equivalent to that of Lord Voldemort. Actually, one could argue that a startup is perhaps the worst place for negativity to infiltrate.

Startups need even more positive motivation in order to grow rapidly, compared to that of an already established company. So how do you ensure that negative vibes stay at bay?

Here are five tips I’ve learned for reducing any bad tidings at your startup:

1. Push for transparency and communicate often.
Plain and simple, a lack of communication leads to a lack of motivation. How is anyone supposed to push the growth of a company forward, when they don’t even know what’s going on within the company?

Whether it be sharing a published article that is relatable to the startup, addressing an opportunity for business development or even just sharing a random idea that came to mind, meeting on a regular schedule can promote a dialogue. Also, creating a private, internal website/blog for employees to share content freely may possibly allow for added communications and no doubt greater transparency.

It’s fairly common now for CEOs to send out an email or private blog post at the end of the week that states his/her thoughts on how the week went and what she envisions for the upcoming week. In effect, it lets you know where you stand.

2. Channel your “Googley” side.
Does your startup truly embrace a fun, high-energy, productive atmosphere? Or do you just start the day off by providing jelly donuts for breakfast and in return, you expect everyone to put the company onto the Fortunate 500 list?

Obviously, a startup that’s on a tight budget can’t exactly fly their employee’s to Miami for the weekend. However, partaking in positive group activities may help motivate people towards building a great company and culture. These group activities may consist of entrepreneurial networking events, Ping-Pong, pool, running a marathon together, etc.

What is a better example of good culture these days than Google? While it’s well known that the company allots employees at least 20 percent of their time to work on their own projects, New York Time’s James Stewart recently explored the issue further.

3. Shut-down for finals.
When finals arrive, stress, tension and emotions can be at an all-time high. This can be really hard when you’re starting a new company and also trying to memorize equations.

Consider stepping back from your startup a week or two before finals. This way everyone involved can concentrate solely on their academic studies. It may not be 100 percent possible to completely put your startup on hold for two weeks, but giving in to a little down-time while also preparing for finals may not be a bad idea.

4. Don’t be a gossip.
If your startup has acquired people who haven’t exactly reached a certain level of social professionalism within a work environment, consider making it clear crystal: Gossiping about co-workers isn’t good for an employee and it absolutely won’t lead to positive business growth.

This is valid since startups will most likely attract a good handful of less experienced people. Still, know the difference between honest communication and spiteful comments. People can make a factual statement about someone vs. just saying something negative purely out of jealously or immaturity.

If an issue arises, address it then and there. Don’t let it build up to be some over-dramatic ordeal. Startups are not an episode of Jersey Shore.

5. Look for the good in people, not the bad.
Most startups don’t have a corporate-style work environment. So they’ll often allow employees to work as they wish. Despite the lack of formality, make it a point to notice the good in people rather than just their flaws.

If someone is doing something wrong, then obviously you’ll need to tell them how to fix the problem. But, think about how often that employee hears something good? Fostering a culture of giving and receiving positive feedback will do wonders for any new company.

Margetty Herwin is a Certified Master Coach in the field of Life Coach, Executive Coach, Business and Money Coach, NLP Coach, Time Line Therapy, Green Belt Six Sigma Coach. He is also a Graphologist who has the ability to know a person's character through their handwriting. Margetty Herwin received certifications from several Certified International Coaching Federations such as CCF (Certified Coaching Federation) Toronto, Canada, and MCI (Money Coaching Institute) Petaluma, San Francisco, USA. He is also a member of ICF (International Coaching Federation) USA, which is one of the world's largest Coaching Federation. Margetty Herwin has helped many persons, executives, business owners and families in discovering the potential within themselves to build their business and life. They had growth from 300% to 1000% of turnover and had achieved a better behavior patterns and habits in their life, family and business. Business and Professional experiences: - 12 Years as a Graphic Designer in the NEWS and SPORTS division in a Television Company - 14 Years as a Lecture at the Polytechnic University of Indonesia - 15 Years as Consultant in Advertising and Promotion field My Vision: Wealth, Abundance and High Performance through Coaching My Mission: 1. "Making Many People Happier, Wealthy and Abundance in life and business, with Coaching and Business Re-education “ 2. "Creating 1 Million Billionaire in Indonesia" My Positive Value and Culture: 1. Success 2. Mindful 3. Accountable 4. Result Oriented 5. Trust If You can Answer all of the Questions at the bottom, You're in the right track to become a Great Success by Yourself... 1. What makes you proud of yourself? 2. What is the meaning of success for you? 3. What is your life purpose in the world? 4. What useful things have you done for the people around you? 5. How do you know the size of the achievement of yourself to your dreams? 6. What is your plan for next 1 year, 3 years, even 5 years? 7. Are all the answers to the questions above just occurred or has been written in your plan? 8. What conclusion can you get from the question above? Margetty Herwin is a Great Coach who would coach you with Hearts... CAREER EXPERIENCE: YEARS CERTIFIED / EXPERIENCE 12 tahun Divisi NEWS dan SPORTS Perusahaan Televisi Swasta, Indonesia 16 Tahun Pengajar di Politeknik Universitas Indonesia. 15 Tahun Konsultan di bidang Promosi dan Publikasi Sept. 2008 Certified Business Coach, Action Coach, Las Vegas, US Mei 2009 Certified Executive Coach, Action Coach, Las Vegas, US Juni 2009 Mendirikan iCOACH Coaching Firm Okt. 2009 Certified Life and Business Coach, CCF (Certified Coaches Federation), Toronto, Canada Jan. 2010 Certified Graphology, Authentic School Mei 2010 Certified Money Coach Practitioner, Money Coaching Institute, Petaluma, San Fransisco Sep. 2010 Certified Master Coach, Money Coaching Institute, Petaluma, San Fransisco Okt. 2010 Certified NLP Practitioner, Time Line Therapy, Hypnotherapy, Tad James Co, Sydney, Australia Mei 2011 Certified Master Coach NLP, Time Line Therapy, Hypnotherapy, Tad James Co, Sydney, Australia Sep. 2011 Certified Green Belt Six Sigma, Coach to Change, Sydney, Australia Jan. 2012 60 Hrs ACSTH Certified Training from ICF, Global Trust Asia Jan. 2012 Mendirikan SMART Business Coaching Firm Apr. 2013 ICF ACTP Erickson, SOLUTION FOCUS COACHING, Vancouver Canada Apr. 2016 BNSP “Instruktur Utama” Certified Training Jun. 2016 Masterclass Strategyzer Academy of Business Model & Value Proposition Design

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