5 Secrets of Goal Setting

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Become an unstoppable force that makes your dreams come true. This is the time of year when people wonder, what happened to the year?” Many are frustrated because they did not make progress on their goals. Some even moved backwards. Half of Americans don’t make New Year resolutions or even set goals because they are tired of never even coming close to achieving them. And yet, in their hearts, people wonder if there is some secret that sets apart those who do make progress from the rest? The key to achieving your goals is to take FOCUSED ACTION.

5 Secrets of Goal Setting provides proven strategies that will give you the edge needed to clarify and focus your goals so that you can achieve them, and provides the tools you will need to address those roadblocks and distractions that crop up as you pursue your dreams.

Using the GOALS formula, 5 Secrets of Goal Setting will help you:

G: Getting Great Goals create goals and a burning desire to achieve them

O: Overcoming Yourself tame the two-headed monster Fear & Procrastination

A: Achieving Alignment synchronize your values and priorities

L: Learning & Adjusting See where you are headed to avoid problems

S: Staying the Course Overcome the problems that get in the way.

You want your dreams. Get 5 Secrets of Goal Setting and become the unstoppable force that will work with you to make them come true.

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