Coaching A Powerful Success Tool


People and Performance

The C.O.D.E. of Coaching: A unique and powerful coaching tool for success, unleashing potential for maximum performance.

C.O.D.E (C Connecting with the purpose, O: Options, D: Desired outcomes, E: Emphasizing accountability and setting the plan)

What is coaching?
Interactions that help individuals being coached to build confidence in creating superior solutions, make well thought out logical decisions and action plans and expand their awareness of the micro and macro environment around them.

Why coaching?

Why executives should implement coaching skills
for organizational progress and long-term success.

Businesses today are under tremendous pressure to become more effective amidst rapid increases in global competition. If an organization desires to progress in this extremely competitive environment, leaders will need to devote more energy and resources to creating teams and building positive communication with committed employees. Managers will need to transform into leaders and coaches instead of mere authority figures. Engaging employees in professional development activities is the key to influencing, motivating, and recognizing those who will contribute and cooperate with their leaders to the benefit of the entire organization. This change in management style–and overhaul of the interaction managers typically have with employees–can have a remarkable, positive influence on team-member and bottom line business performance.

So before we start what are the clear benefits to an organization by implementing coaching into their existing corporate culture?


  1. Gives purpose and new meaning to work
  2. Employees are more committed and engaged
  3. Increased productivity: All the known drivers of productivity can be increased through the leaders coaching.
  4. Strengthen culture in the workplace by creating a feeling of belonging and community.
  5. Enhance relationships between supervisor and employee
  6. Positive mindsets all round
  7. Greater resilience
  8. Heightened creativity
  9. Courage to take risks and attempt new approaches
  10. Improving retention and reduced staff turnover

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